Monday, July 6, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place Where It's Sew Simple to Help Others

My Very Own Blanket is an organization based in Westerville that provides personalized, hand-made blankets for children in foster care throughout Ohio. A blanket can travel with and stay with children, giving them a soft, stable, comforting touchstone no matter where they sleep and live.

Entirely fueled by volunteer energy, My Very Own Blanket has provided over 20,000 blankets to children since 1999.

My Very Own Blanket is looking for sewing machine donations.

MVOB's Jim Maxwell shares:

My Very Own Blanket makes blankets for children who have been taken from their homes and are placed in foster care. These children sometimes are picked up straight from school and taken to Child Services to be placed in foster care and have NOTHING of their own to take with them.

Many ladies and men volunteer their time and talents to make blankets for them. Some children have carried those blankets for several years.

My Very Own Blanket is desperately in need of sewing machines.

If you or someone you know has a machine that is just sitting around and is not being used, the MVOB volunteers would be most appreciative if you would donate it to them.

Do you have a sewing machine you could donate? Are you interested in helping MVOB?

▪ To donate a sewing machine, volunteer, or for more information, contact Jessica Hollins at or call 614.530.3327.

It's sew simple -- something as common as an everyday blanket, can change a life.

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