Saturday, May 30, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Beautiful Blooms

We are proud of the gorgeous hanging baskets and flower pots that bring so much color to Uptown Westerville during the summer.

Last year, WUMA even got an email from the City of Monroe, Michigan wanting to know how Westerville grew those beautiful flowers.

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market vendor Bildsten Landscape provides the Uptown Westerville flowers. (The City of Westerville does the rest!)

So, stop by the market, Wednesdays through October from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at N. State and E. Home. Visit Mark and Karen Bildsten, and check out Bildsten's beautiful, colorful hanging baskets, wave petunias, potted plants and herbs.

Photo image: Bildsten Lanscape at the Farmers' Market and Lamppost baskets provided by Linda Foor. ©2009 Brickstreet Communications. All rights reserved.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Save Money

Ruth Cline, manager of Union Savings Bank, 44 S. State, announces a new feature at Union Savings:

The Preferred Checking Account.

The Preferred Checking Account is a low balance, high interest account that pays 1.75% APY* for accounts with a balance of $5000.00 or more and 0.40% APY* on accounts with balances of $4,999.99 or less. A minimum $2,500.00 is required to open the account.

Union Savings also has Safe Deposit Boxes as low as $15 a year! Fees vary per box size.

Stop by or contact Ruth Cline at Unions Savings Bank, 44 S. State (just north of Hanby School) or call 614.882.2286 or email Ruth at or click here to visit Union Savings Bank online.

*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 3.25.09. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. The rate may change after the account is opened. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Honor Dedicated Citizens

The Westerville Uptown Merchants Association says Congratulations and Thank You to Westerville Police Department's Carrie Ryan for her recognition as 2009 Ohio Crime Prevention Practitioner of the Year for Law Enforcement on May 11, 2009 at the Ohio Crime Prevention's annual conference.

According to the City of Westerville, the award was based on Carrie's longstanding achievements in crime prevention, as well as her ongoing commitment to the community she serves.

The members of WUMA truly appreciate Carrie Ryan's outstanding effort to make us all connected, smarter, and safer. We are all the better for Carrie's involvement.

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Fresh-brewed Music

Diane and Adel Shadi & Jane and Ralph Denick of Java Central, 20 S. State, share upcoming events:

Java Central fans,

Here is the Live Music lineup for this weekend - and a peek at next week.

Live Music this weekend:

Friday 5.29.09 - Acoustic Open Mic (7 p.m. - 10 p.m.)

Open to all who want to give it a try. We are a friendly venue, with a very supportive audience.

Clay Justice will emcee and coordinate the regulars and new voices (Shirley?), and Christopher(one of our favorite regulars) will celebrate his birthday with us!

Saturday 5.30.09 - Emerson Redlime (7 p.m. - 10 p.m.) Singer/guitarist/mandolin and . . .

A very versatile and very entertaining performer (he’s also a cellist in the Symphony!) Pop, rock – you’ll recognize his selections and enjoy his great versions.

Next week...

Friday June 5

Another great night of Open Mic featuring the great talent of Westerville and central Ohio.Singer/songwriters of every description, but all have been exceptional – Clay, Christopher, Mike, Steve, Jason, Erin, Steve, Spencer . . .

Saturday June 6

Southern Accent Trio, featuring Marty Leedy, makes a return visit to Java Central. This great trio sings bluegrass, country and some rock (ask Marty to sing Bob Seager’s “Turn the Page,” it’s excellent). Marty is formerly with Idyltimes and is a regular with the bluegrass band, Wildwood. They have been great each performance and are a Java Central favorite.

Come and enjoy this great music and our great espresso-based drinks, our frozen blends, and our gourmet desserts by Mozart’s Bakery!

Diane and Adel
Jane and Ralph

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Market Fresh

It's already Week 4 of the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market 2009 season!

If you pay attention to weather forecasts, supposedly while we might see rain before the market opens, there is a partly cloudy (or... partly sunny) window of time that runs about the duration of the market!

The market is held rain or shine, so no matter the forecast, be adventurous!

Just in case, learn from the seasoned market veterans and pack a rain coat/jacket, bring an umbrella, and if you get caught between the drops, get under the canopy of your favorite market vendor!

Visit the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market at N. State and E. Home each Wednesday, through October, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for your favorite produce, meats, and artisan foods. The market is a great place to sample new flavors and try new foods or enjoy favorites.

The merchants in Uptown Westerville would love to see you as well! We encourage you to Shop Uptown Westerville. Stop by Meza, 48 N. State, and pick up pantry foods to go with today's market fare or enjoy Tatjana Brown's $1 Market Wednesday wine tastings!

Delicious, fresh, affordable foods -- a great place for small indulgences. Each week, Sara Yates of Batter and Bowl features a delicious special cut-out cookie for just $1! Week 1 was a butterfly, week 2 a flower basket, week 3 a ladybug (above). What will Sara bring this week?

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market Week 1 Photo Tour is now available on Just click here.

Market insider's tip: The market is currently testing extending hours to 6:30 p.m., not all market vendors can stay, but many will, so stop by on your way home from work. And, let us know what you think, email the market at

Photo image: Ladybug cutouts from Batter and Bowl by Linda Foor. ©2009 Brickstreet Communications. All rights reserved.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place for June Wine Tastings at Meza

Meza, 48 N. State, is offering a unique series of wine tastings for June.

Ohio Wine Tasting - Friday, June 5 (6:30 - 9:00 pm)
Bruce Benedict, who has worked with the Ohio Grape Industry for years will be here pouring some of the cream of the crop Ohio wines from wineries in the Lake Erie region as well as from wineries in Southern Ohio. Enjoy 6 of our favorite Ohio wines and receive a wine pairing wheel! Cost of the tasting is $10 for 6 wines and light tapas

Peletonia Race Wine Tasting Fundraiser - Friday, June 12 (6:30 - 9:00 pm)
This is another great fund raising opportunity - we will be tasting Organic wines from Tortise Creek and raising money for the Pelotonia Bike Tour - proceeds from this event go directly to the James Cancer Research Center right here in Columbus! Cost of this tasting is $15/person for 5 wines and light tapas!
(Proceeds of each tasting fee goes directly to the Pelotonia Tour and the James Cancer Research Center)

Momstyle "Tweet Up" Wine Tasting Event
Wednesday, June 17 (6:00 - 8:00 pm)
Momstyle Tweet Up Tasting - Weeknight Value Wines
(Presented by Columbus Parent Magazine and Meza)
This is a great midweek event where you ladies can get out and taste some affordable wines, get recipe and pairing ideas and receive money saving tips from Columbus's very own "Bag Lady!"
It's all about sophistication on a dime! Make an afternoon of it - shop the Westerville Farmers Market from 3-6 pm and then stroll on down to Meza for the tasting! Cost of the tasting is $8/person for 4 wines and receives pairing ideas, recipes and more!

"Girl's Night Out" Pamper and Rejuvenate - Friday, June 19 (6:30 - 9:00 pm)
LADIES - This one if for YOU! For those of you ladies that enjoyed our Girls Night Out back in March, get ready for round two! This time - we want you to find ways to pamper and rejuvenate yourselves! Kateesha Freeman from The Candle Lab will be here helping you formulate your own custom scented soy candle and Katy Tombaugh from Fusion Fitness will be here with info and tips on Yoga and with some great relaxation products! Meza will be pouring some sweet and bubbly Moscatos, tasty Riesling and Pinot Grigio, and light and delicate Pinot Noir! So grab your girlfriends, leave the kids with dad, and head out for a night you deserve! Cost of the tasting is $10/person for 5 wines and light tapas!

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Personal Passions and Business

Tatjana Brown of Meza, 48 N. State, sends us the latest Meza Minute.

To sign up for the Meza Minute, just e-mail Tatjana at

Dear Friends of Meza,

I have decided to make this issue of our newsletter a bit more personal.

We have been having a great time hosting our monthly wine tasting events and have loved getting the opportunity to meet new customers and to enjoy some wines with them! I get the question often of how did we come up with the idea for Meza and how did we get so into wine. I think part of what makes small businesses unique is the story behind why they were started so I want to share ours with you.

I won't share it all in one's probably a lot of information and I can be long winded - so I will just give you some tidbits now and then.

I also love to hear about other people's experiences with wines that they love, trips they have been on, business ventures and dreams. So feel free to shoot me an e mail or stop in and share your stories....your favorite wines.....your trip experiences!

Some of you may know that my family is Serbian. I am first generation born in the US but was raised to speak Serbian fluently and grew up with the culture embedded in me. We've gone back many times, when I was younger, for two months or so during the summer - and more recently for shorter trips to visit my grandparents and other family. This is pretty much where the name 'Meza' came from - it was derived from a Serbian word that means much the same as "mezze" in Arabic or "tapas" in Spain.

The Serbian culture is one that is appreciative of food and wine. Meals are events that are not rushed through....they are a time to connect and talk and enjoy. Most family meals begin with 'meza' - cheese, roasted peppers, tomatoes, bread, and most importantly, wine. I wouldn't call it appetizers because it can also be a meal in itself. Its just a way of enjoying food....good, clean food, small plates or small bites as some may call it. Most importantly it is about eating great food, drinking delicous wine and sharing and talking with family.

Tatjana contiues to share some of their food experiences recently in Serbia:

The food was unbelievable....the wine delicious. For their engagement dinner, Tatjana shares... We had it at a restaurant that over looks the Danube River - freshest fish you could ever imagine....crisp green salads to start. The wine was flowing that night....I wish I could tell you exactly what was being poured but to be honest it was most likely either something local or a Mediterranean style red table wine. Either way, it was an amazing night filled with amazing food, wine and laughter.

Tatjana tells us about:

One of my favorite "local businesses" in Serbia....although there, you are hard pressed to find any "big businesses" or chains. This lovely locale is a just a tiny little gem......great food with Italian inspiration, and amazing wine. All can be enjoyed either inside the quaint accommodations or out on the cobblestone patio overlooking the Danube. The closest place here that I have come across in quality and atmosphere has been Basi husband and I LOVE this place in Victorian Village and make this our frequent reccomendation to friends or customers.

In any case, much of the reason we have Meza open today is our inspiration that has come from my family experiences and from our trips to Serbia. Hopefully you have enjoyed some of the background behind our shop and we look forward to hearing about your experiences as well! Jason and I hope you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend......and take a look at our upcoming tastings and be sure to jot them down!

Hope to see you there!

Tatjana and Jason Brown

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Literary Gems

Save the Date! Friday, June 26th (June's WVCB Fourth Friday, Uptown 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.) Morgan's Treasure, 12 W. Main, is hosting Westerville's own Andrea Leigh.

Andrea will be selling her new book Tales of the Eventide and Other Dark Matter and signing autographs.

Come by to meet the Uptown Jeweler, Bill Morgan, and Andrea Leigh and check out her new book.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Honor, Remember, and Thank

In 2009, America is observing Memorial Day on May 25th.

Memorial Day weekend welcomes summer and pays tribute to those who have sacrificed, and who do sacrifice, to insure that we have weekends to enjoy with friends and family year round.

As tennis great and humanitarian Arthur Ashe said: True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.

Westerville's Memorial Day parade begins on May 25th at 9:45 a.m. at College and State.

The parade route proceeds south on State past the armory and Veterans' Memorial, up Bishop, to the cemetary on Knox. Our Memorial Day parade isn't all brass bands and floats and celebrations and big crowds like July 4th, it is a heartfelt, dignified march to honor and we encourage you to come out to State Street Monday morning to take beat to appreciate and honor or find a small moment to keep a thought for those who serve sometime during the day.

This year, Rotary Club of Westerville Sunshine is creating the Field of Heroes at Cleveland and County Line West. The Field of Heroes begins May 23rd and runs through May 25th.

The members of the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association wish you a wonderful, safe Memorial Day Weekend and Summer.

Uptown Westerville is a Place for May 20th Farm Fresh

Visit new Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market vendor, Sara Yates of Batter and Bowl! Batter and Bowl features delicious cakes, cookies, scones, brownies, and bar-style cookies. Sara has a different decorated "cookie cutter" cookie each week -- Week 1 was a butterfly, Week 2 was a flower basket... what's next?!

After two weeks of rainy weather, the market is looking forward to a great day today!

It's early in the season, so produce will include lettuces, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, swiss chard, and rhubarb.

Bird's Haven Farms will be bringing strawberries!

Come visit market vendors...

Arjay Gourmet Foods - delicious chutneys and baked goods
Batter and Bowl - cakes, cookies, and baked goods
Bildsten Landscape - hanging baskets, pots, herbs
Bird’s Haven Farms - fresh produce, strawberries, flowers
Blue Jacket Dairy - fresh from the dairy cheese
Carousel Watergardens - flower and veggie bed plants
Doran's Family Farm - asparagus, rhubarb
Flying J Farm - grass-fed beef, fresh-milled flour, produce
Honey Health Farm - raw honey and honey products
Landrum Cottage Designs - specialty baked goods
Nature's Honey - goat's milk and herbal soaps
Northridge Organic Farm - lamb, organic produce
Osage Lane Creamery - goat's milk feta cheese
Pleiades Maple Products -- maple syrup, marinades, spreads, candy, sugar
Sue’s Kitchen - pies!, cinnamon rolls, cookies, quick breads
Sweet Thing Gourmet - biscotti, jams, jellies
Varley Valley Baked Goods - table breads, jams, jellies

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market is open every Wednesday through October 28th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at N. State and E. Home in Uptown Westerville.

See you at the market!

Remember, Uptown Westerville is a great place to work, live, shop, eat, meet & play! Come Uptown for lunch, browse, visit & shop Uptown Westerville, and then come to the market for some farm fresh!

Photo image: Baked goods selections from Batter and Bowl provided by Linda Foor. ©2009 Brickstreet Communications. All rights reserved.

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Good Taste

Meza, 48 N. State, invites you to a wine tasting....

Farmers' Market Wednesdays: $1 Wine Tastings

Fourth Fridays: $1 Wine Tastings

May 21st, 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m., Tour De Cure Benefit Wine Tasting, $15

June 5th, 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., Ohio Wine Tasting, $10

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Memorial Day Good Eats... and Drinks

Tatjana and Jason Brown share the current Meza Minute!

BBQ Doesn't Just Call for Beer Anymore.....

Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away! Planning a special family cookout? Getting together with friends? Well burgers on the grill don't just call for beers.

Here are our suggestions for wines that will make the perfect accompaniment to your next backyard bbq!

Big, Juicy Beef Burgers: Pair a thick, savory beef burger with a classic red such as a California Zinfandel or a peppery red blend. Looking for the perfect white wine to pair? Try a full bodied Chardonnay.

Our recomendations: Screw Kappa Napa Zinfandel - $16.99, St. Francis 'RED' ( Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) - $12.99,
J. Lohr Chardonnay - $13.99

Going a big lighter in fare? Tasty Turkey Burgers? Pair a healthy option like a turkey burger with a lighter, classic red such as a Pinot Noir or a refreshing Pinot Gris! Our recomendations: Row Eleven 'Vinas' Pinot Noir - $18.99, Eola Hills Pinot Gris - $12.99

Looking for an impressive cocktail to serve at your cookout or brunch? Try using a dry Spanish sparkler like a Cava, mixed with pomegranate juice for a light sparkling cocktail that is an unexpected substitute to your typical mimosas. Cava is a less expensive option to cocktails traditionally made with Champagne and is beautiful when enjoyed alone. 2 Bottles Cava or a dry sparkling wine 1/4 cup Pomogranate Juice12 champagne flutesadd 1 tablespoon of the pomegranate juice to each flute. Fill rest of the way with Cava. Garnish with pomegranate seeds if desired. Serve!

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Meet Greyhounds

Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue will be visiting DJ's Feed Store at 41 N. State during May 22nd's Fourth Friday.

Stop by DJ's and head through the back of the store to talk with Greyhound Rescue volunteers and meet some greyhounds.

Photo of Liz, Angel, and Julie courtesy of Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue.

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Get... Back to Nature!

This Friday, May 22nd, is the Westerville Visitors and Convention Bureau's Fourth Friday. May's them is Back to Nature!

Fourth Fridays are in Uptown Westerville from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. every fourth Friday September 25th.

Special exhibits, extended merchant hours, surprises, and big fun!

Fourth Friday image courtesy of Westeville Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Good Coffee, Good Music, and Good Company

Ralph Denick of Java Central, 20 S. State, shares...

Java Central fans,

Last week was traditional jazz night at Java Central with Jeff and Emma (aka Micro Swing) from the big band, In Full Swing - and they were great. They will be back later this summer, but in the meantime, don't miss them at the E. College Gazebo during May 4th Friday (5/22).

Also, In Full Swing Big Band will be the featured band at the June 4th Friday. (All courtesy of the Arts Council of Westerville!)

This week Java Central will feature the great guitar and vocal talents of Clay Justice and Friends on Saturday from 7 - 10 PM. Clay will first perform solo and show off his guitar and electronic wizardry (great looping skills!). Later he will also perform with his jazz band. He, and they, will be a treat if you haven't seen him yet.

Don't forget Friday is Open Mic night at Java Central (again, from 7-10 PM) with our cast of regulars and always some new talents - they have been great and won't disappoint you. We have a lot of talent around Westerville and Java Central is glad to give them a venue!

Come support them.

Thanks - and hope to see you this weekend!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Farm Fresh!

It's 2009's first Market Wednesday! The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market opens for business today at 3 p.m. at N. State and E. Home Streets in Uptown Westerville.

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market convenes each Wednesday from May 6th through October 28th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at N. State and E. Home Streets.

Home-grown. Home-made. All Ohio.

Artisan Foods. Certified Organic, Chemical-free & Conventionally Grown Produce.

When you visit the market, take a few steps south and stop by Meza at 48 N. State St., for Meza's Market Wednesday features throughout the season. Meza features a wine rack, pantry & kitchen selection. Today Meza features... A Special Farmers' Market Wine Tasting for $1., Serving Suggestions, and the May 6th Feature Market Vendor: Bellefontaine's Blue Jacket Dairy
Gift idea: Mother's Day is May 10th and Bildsten Landscape is expected at the market with beautiful hanging baskets and planters.

Even though it's early in the growing season, look for rhubarb, asparagus, and lettuce at today's market.

Click here for today's NOAA weather report. The market meets rain or shine. Market veterans pack umbrellas just in case and almost all market vendors have canopies -- so even though you might be dodging raindrops, visit with market patrons, meet market vendors, shop, and taste!

Add Market Wednesdays to your calendar! Come Uptown for lunch, visit, browse & shop Uptown Westerville, and come to the market to take home a little farm fresh! Click here for the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association Member Directory.

See you at the market!

Photo of delicious pie from Sue's Kitchen. Photo courtesty of Linda Foor. ©2008 Brickstreet Communications. All rights reserved.

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Serve Our Seniors

2009's Serving Our Seniors (SOS) Day is coming up on Saturday, May 9th.

This popular event will feature about 60 exhibitors and focuses on senior citizens and caregivers and provides resources, advice, and safety information.

2009 SOS Day is at Westerville North High School (950 County Line Rd. East) and is from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. and there are 2 special training sessions on identity theft and personal safety.

Admission is FREE!

And, there's free lunch and door prizes! For more info, contact Carrie Ryan with WPD at 614.901.6490 or email:

Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Say "Thanks, Mom!"

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 10th.

Uptown Westerville is a place to find imaginative ways to say "Thanks, Mom."

Shop Uptown Westerville and you'll find personable gift ideas that speak to Mom's interests, passions, and tastes.

Jewelry, antiques, accents, spa items, pottery, garden accents, cards, candles, wines, clothing, art, personal care & fitness, coffees, accessories, and music.

Click here to visit the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association Member Directory.

Give Mom an Uptown memory or keepsake -- give the Uptown Gift Card. Welcomed and sold at 16 fine Uptown Westerville merchants.

By the way, we encourage you to Shop Uptown Westerville, but hugs for Mom are free, easy to wrap, and make the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place Where It's Fashionable to Be Kind

Sunday, May 3rd's A Gal Named Cinda Lou (20 N. State) and Westerville Antiques fashion show at The Old Bag of Nails Pub (24 N. State) was a great success and proceeds from the event totaled $500 for the W.A.R.M. Fresh Green Program.

Big thanks to A Gal Named Cinda Lou and Westerville Antiques for helping everyone in Westerville buy fresh, healthy produce at the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market.

Thanks to The Old Bag of Nails Pub for donating the space for the event on its 3rd floor banquet level.

To check out a photo gallery from the fashion show by photographer Gary Gardiner, check out Westerville Life.

Uptown Westerville is a Place for the Opening of 2009's Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market

The Uptown Westerville Farmers’ Market, sponsored by the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association, opens the 2009 season at 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 6, 2009 with a special market blessing from Reverend Stan Ling of Church of the Messiah, United Methodist and Father Charlie Klinger of St. Paul Catholic Church.

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market is open every Wednesday May 6, 2009 through October 28, 2009, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the corner of N. State and E. Home Streets, in the Church of the Messiah parking lot.

Home-grown, home-made, and all Ohio, the market provides an ever-changing fare including farm-fresh certified organic, chemical-free, and conventional, seasonal fruits and vegetables, heirloom produce, baked goods, breads, bed plants, herbs, flowers, chutneys, spreads, sauces and rubs, honey, pet treats, maple products, natural personal care products, meats and poultry to-order, and fresh eggs.

Early seasonal fresh produce selections include asparagus, lettuces, and rhubarb.

18 market vendors will be open for business on May 6th, including:

Arjay Gourmet Foods, Bildsten Landscape, Bird’s Haven Farms, Blue Jacket Dairy, Bridgman Farm, Carousel Water Gardens & Cathy’s Tasty Treats, Doran's Family Farm, Flying J Farm, Frijolito Farm, Honey Health Farm, Landrum Cottage Designs, Northridge Organic Farm, Osage Lane Creamery, Pleiades Maple Products, Sue’s Kitchen, and Varley Valley Baked Goods.

The market welcomes new vendors: Batter and Bowl featuring cakes, cookies, and baked goods, and Nature's Honey, featuring natural soaps. Later in the growing season, the Uptown Westerville Farmers’ Market will welcome Amherst Greenhouse and Malabar Acres.

A trip to the market is a great way to enjoy a Wednesday afternoon in Uptown Westerville -- come Uptown for lunch, browse, visit, and shop Uptown Westerville, and pick up dinner ingredients at the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market. A fun weekly experience for kids, and a dog-walk and bike-friendly destination! Parking is free in Uptown Westerville, both on-street and in parking lots.

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market and Westerville Area Resource Ministry are teaming up, for the second year, for the WARM Fresh Green Program so farm fresh, healthy foods can be available to everyone in the Westerville area.

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market is Ohio Proud.

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Mother's Day Gift Ideas at Amish Originals

Amish Originals Furniture Co., 8 & 38 N. State, is an imaginative resource for gifts. And, with Mother's Day right around the corner, here are some great ideas...

Stop by Amish Originals "north store" at 38 N. State and you'll not only find beautiful bedroom and entertainment furniture, you'll find a selection of accents and gifts, like Amish Originals collection of beautiful wood jewelry boxes and armoires. Who says organization and storage can't be beautiful?

Stop by Amish Originals, 8 N. State location (in the old State Theatre), and you'll find even more gift ideas... like Bottlabras -- in bronze and pewter finishes, bottlabras fit into wine bottles like a bottle stopper to make unique "candlesticks" for both tapers and tealights or votives. Bottlabras are a perfect way to give a keepsake wine bottle even more of a warm glow.

Perfect for a grown-up "happy meal!" Dovetailed Amish-made solid wood serving trays are a great way to serve Mom breakfast in bed.

Delicate, beautiful flower lights are a great gift and decorating accent. Surprise Mom with this uncommon touch of nature. Lights look like blossoming tree branches that glow.

Amish Originals Furniture Co. features beautiful artisan furniture crafted here in Ohio by skilled Amish carpenters, and an amazing collection of accents, accessories, decor, serveware, candles, art, and personal touches. Come in to visit, browse, and shop.

Still not sure? Think about an Amish Originals Furniture Co. gift certificate or an Uptown Gift Card.

Sign up for emails from Amish Originals Furniture Co. send an email:

Uptown Westerville is the Place for May's Meza Minute

Meza, 48 N. State, presents the Meza Minute. If you'd like to get the Meza Minute directly, email Tatjana and Jason Brown at Meza at

Dear Friends of Meza,

Fourth Friday was a fun time for those of you who were able to come out! Great food, bands and Meza was doing $1 pours of three great value wines! If you weren't able to make it we hope to see you at next months "Fourth Friday" event!

We have had a great week hosting some private wine tasting events! We hosted a bachelorette party with Lola Belle Boutique as well as a meet up group for Women of the World Travelers! Both were a great time! If you are interested in hosting your own private tasting contact us via e mail at or call us at 614.259.3101 to book an evening. Private tasting events are great for birthdays, bachelorette parties, networking events and more!

We are hoping to see lots of you next Friday May 8th at our "Hot Spanish Wines" tasting! Chris Preest will be here from Wine Trends introducing us to some exciting Spanish varietals!

June Sneak Preview

We have listed below our May events but we wanted to give you a "sneak preview" of what is in store for summer! We have another great fundraiser/tasting coming up in June to help raise money for the Pelotonia Bike Tour happening in August. 100% of the contributions from the tour go directly to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. We will be tasting Organic and Biodynamic wines that evening in support of this cause and in the name of living a clean, healthy lifestyle!

Also for all you ladies that came out for our first Girls Night Out tasting back in March, get ready for another night that is just for you! "Girls Night Out - Relax and Rejuvenate:" Take time out to relax and pamper yourselves..... join us for a tasting featuring some yummy Rieslings, Sparkling Moscatos, and other great wines that are meant to help you relax and rejuvenate your spirit. Katy Tombaugh, owner of Fusion Fitness in Uptown will be here with product and information about her amazing yoga sessions and Katesha Freeman, owner of The Candle Lab will be here highlighting some of her best scents and providing you with the opportunity to make your own custom candle! You will soon be able to purchase The Candle Lab candles right here at Meza! Candles and wine make for a beautiful gift for any occasion!

Meza will also be partnering with Columbus Parent Magazine for a great midweek tasting event that will help you not only find affordable wines to enjoy during the week, but we will also feature recipe suggestions that coincide with the Westerville Farmers’ Market product! The market opens in May and occurs every Wednesday, and this will be a great event that will help you get tips and recipes you can make with all your market fresh goodies and we will show you what wines to pair with your meals! This event will take place after the farmers’ market on June 17!

Details on our June events coming soon!!

Looking to inquire about wine that you can't find anywhere? Let us find it for you!

We do our best to search for and find any of your favorite wines.

We could recommend something similar if we don't carry it - as many places do

But for us, a wine is not just a wine.... it is a memory, a celebration, or a special occasion.

Send all inquiries to (please note this email address is updated)

New Featured Wines

These new additions to our assortment are not only unique and highly acclaimed, but they are a great value! Try one today!

Contero Moscato D'Asti 2008 Lovers of sweet sparkling wines - we have found true love for you. Looking for a wine that is as decadent as the dessert you will enjoy it with? The Contero Moscato d'Asti is straw yellow in color with light grapey perfumes. The fine, gentle sparkle lifts the sweet and grapey flavours and leads into a clean and dry finish. Enjoy this wine as an apperitif or as a dessert wine. Perfect for a brunch, bridal shower, or just to enjoy along with the beautiful spring weather. In fact this is a wine I will be bringing to a bridal brunch on Sunday! Perfect for such an occasion! $14.99

Toad Hollow Unoaked Chardonnay 2007 - California Hailing from Mendocino County, this unoaked Chardonnay is 100% stainless steel fermented - no oak. We love this crisp, easy drinking Chardonnay for summer time. You will taste lots of crisp green apple and some minerality. This is a winner in terms of taste and price....and the little critter on the wine bottle makes it a fun gift. $12.99

Curious Beagle Cabernet 2006 - Jim produced this single vineyard Cab from Paso Robles - a great California Cab at a reasonable price. This wine is all about high extract concentrated blackberry and blueberry fruit flavors balanced by an excellent total acidity. You get a rich fruit finish enhanced by subtle vanilla oak extract flavors. $14.99

Here at meza we believe that you can still enjoy small pleasures in life, like great wine, while saving a few bucks. We offer 10 percent off of mix and match cases, and for those of you that live in the Westerville area, we will deliver your case orders to your house! Simply stop in and place and order or call it in and we will get it to you that week. How could it get any easier than that!

Upcoming Wine Tasting Events

**Note Changes**

Hot Spanish Wines: Friday, May 8th, 2009 (6-8:30 pm)
Join us in turning up the heat with some exciting Spanish wines at great values! Cost of the tasting is $10 for 5 wines!

Meza Features: Via Vecchia Winery - Powell, Ohio: Saturday May 16, 2009 (4-6 pm) Meza is proud to carry two of the four Via Vecchia wines from this dynamic winery in Powell, Ohio! Meet the winemakers, learn about their wine making process and taste all four wines in their portfolio! These four winemakers focus on producing untreated wines "the old way." "We believe that 'a well treated wine is an untreated wine.' Our wines receive no added chemicals, no added lab-created yeasts or sugars, no added colorings, enzymes or preservatives, and only minimal added sulfites. For filtration of wine, we rely on sedimentation and the Moon." Meza will provide light tapas in conjunction with this tasting. Cost of the tasting is TBD. Stay tune for details!

Meza and Tour de Cure Charity Tasting!: Thursday May 21, 2009 (7-9:30 pm)
This event is one that is not to be missed!! Join us in supporting a truly important cause. Tour de Cure is a bike event that will take place right here in Westerville on June 6. Tour de Cure is a series of fund-raising cycling events held in 40 states nationwide to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Meza is sponsoring "Team Awesome" in the Westerville Tour de Cure bike event, and together we are working to raise money and awareness for this worthy cause! Joins us in tasting some great red wines with some added health benefits! Check out this link for information on the health benefits of red wine from the American Diabetes Association! Cost of the event is $15 per person. This includes 5 wines and light tapas! $5 from each tasting fee goes to support Team Awesome and the American Diabetes Association!

Stay tuned for information on our summer tasting schedule!

Featured Wine of the Month

2007 Veramonte Pinot Noir Reserva: This is a personal recommendation. This was a wine that we recently re-tasted. Well, to be honest, we drank it. We taste all the wines that we carry and of course, we revisit ones that we love! This Pinot Noir has become a love. It is 100% Pinot Noir from the Casablanca Valley in Chile. The balance of the ripe berries and slight acidity make this a very enjoyable wine. The price is also right for a good Pinot. Tasting Notes: It evokes aromas of red summer berries and vanilla. Bright cherry, grape and strawberry fruit flavors with touches of spicy oak; medium-to-full body and rich texture. Try this wine with mild or creamy cheeses or slow roasted meat dishes. We enjoyed the Veramonte last week with a dish or whole wheat penne with a mushroom pan sauce.....excellent combo! Veramonte Pinot Noir Reserva - $16.99 Stock up and receive 10% off of a case!

Looking for a unique space to host your next event?

We offer a unique and fun alternative to hosting a party or networking event! Whether you are looking to host an event to thank your current clients, build better relationships or to network and make new contacts, Meza provides a great option for doing just that!

Perfect for:
▪ Bachelorette Parties
▪ Social Clubs
▪ Networking Events
▪ Birthdays
▪ Girls Nights
▪ Anniversary Parties

Call us at 614.259.3101 or send an email to for details and set up your own private wine tasting event today!

Featured Product of the Month

Meza is proud to support yet another Columbus based entrepreneur. Pam Loch started this company based on her experiences of making this beautiful Asian dressing and marinade along side her mother growing up. She keeps it Asian and a Spicy Asian Vinaigrette that can be used as a marinade or that can be tossed with some baby spinach, feta and cherry tomatoes to make a delicious salad. These vinaigrettes make a beautiful accompaniment to a bottle of Riesling as a gift or to enjoy at home!

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