Monday, May 25, 2009

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Tatjana Brown of Meza, 48 N. State, sends us the latest Meza Minute.

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Dear Friends of Meza,

I have decided to make this issue of our newsletter a bit more personal.

We have been having a great time hosting our monthly wine tasting events and have loved getting the opportunity to meet new customers and to enjoy some wines with them! I get the question often of how did we come up with the idea for Meza and how did we get so into wine. I think part of what makes small businesses unique is the story behind why they were started so I want to share ours with you.

I won't share it all in one's probably a lot of information and I can be long winded - so I will just give you some tidbits now and then.

I also love to hear about other people's experiences with wines that they love, trips they have been on, business ventures and dreams. So feel free to shoot me an e mail or stop in and share your stories....your favorite wines.....your trip experiences!

Some of you may know that my family is Serbian. I am first generation born in the US but was raised to speak Serbian fluently and grew up with the culture embedded in me. We've gone back many times, when I was younger, for two months or so during the summer - and more recently for shorter trips to visit my grandparents and other family. This is pretty much where the name 'Meza' came from - it was derived from a Serbian word that means much the same as "mezze" in Arabic or "tapas" in Spain.

The Serbian culture is one that is appreciative of food and wine. Meals are events that are not rushed through....they are a time to connect and talk and enjoy. Most family meals begin with 'meza' - cheese, roasted peppers, tomatoes, bread, and most importantly, wine. I wouldn't call it appetizers because it can also be a meal in itself. Its just a way of enjoying food....good, clean food, small plates or small bites as some may call it. Most importantly it is about eating great food, drinking delicous wine and sharing and talking with family.

Tatjana contiues to share some of their food experiences recently in Serbia:

The food was unbelievable....the wine delicious. For their engagement dinner, Tatjana shares... We had it at a restaurant that over looks the Danube River - freshest fish you could ever imagine....crisp green salads to start. The wine was flowing that night....I wish I could tell you exactly what was being poured but to be honest it was most likely either something local or a Mediterranean style red table wine. Either way, it was an amazing night filled with amazing food, wine and laughter.

Tatjana tells us about:

One of my favorite "local businesses" in Serbia....although there, you are hard pressed to find any "big businesses" or chains. This lovely locale is a just a tiny little gem......great food with Italian inspiration, and amazing wine. All can be enjoyed either inside the quaint accommodations or out on the cobblestone patio overlooking the Danube. The closest place here that I have come across in quality and atmosphere has been Basi husband and I LOVE this place in Victorian Village and make this our frequent reccomendation to friends or customers.

In any case, much of the reason we have Meza open today is our inspiration that has come from my family experiences and from our trips to Serbia. Hopefully you have enjoyed some of the background behind our shop and we look forward to hearing about your experiences as well! Jason and I hope you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend......and take a look at our upcoming tastings and be sure to jot them down!

Hope to see you there!

Tatjana and Jason Brown

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