Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Be Aware

Carrie Ryan of the Westerville Police Department reminds us during the lazy days of summer that we should still be safe:

*Thefts in the parks alert*

Hi everyone,

Thefts in the parks always increase this time of year, however we've been seeing quite a few during the last month. There are two main targets, bicycles and valuables in vehicles.

Please lock your bikes or make sure your kids have bike locks, if they are riding their bikes to the parks or pools.

Please do not leave valuables out in the open in your vehicle and lock all doors. Many vehicles, locked and unlocked, have been entered. Items such as: Ipods, purses, cell phones and GPS units are often targets.

Please report any suspicious activity or people hanging around vehicles in the parks to Westerville Police at 882-7444.

Be alert. Be smart. Be Safe.

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