Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Uptown Westerville is a Place for Good Tastes

Tatjana and Jason Brown of Meza, 48 N. State, present the Meza Minute

You Don't Have to Wait for Friday Anymore.....

At meza, we are all about the wine.

We are wine drinkers first, shop owners second.

It's been said that if you find a job you really love, its not considered a job anymore.

It's about living your passion. And we are passionate about wine.

We buy our wine just like anyone else.

The first thing we notice is the label.

We all love the eye catching, clever labels but if the wine doesnt back it up with great flavor, then it's just smart marketing. And smart marketing doesnt go well with fish.

We taste every wine that we sell. Sometimes we taste them a number of times over.

Like I said, we love wine.

All that being said, now is your chance to live our dream with us.

Starting EVERY Thursday night, we will be pulling 6 different bottles from our shelves to taste. If you have ever seen a wine that youve wondered about, here is your opportunity to taste it before you buy.

You may be asking yourselves How does this differ from the regularly scheduled Friday night tastings, that are always fun and exciting?

The main difference is the selection. Our Friday tastings are themed around specific regions or varietals. For example 2 weeks ago we had an amazing Australian wine tasting. We had one of our knowledgeable vendors here, explaining different nuances about the specific wines. It was very educational and informative.

With the Thursday night tastings, its anything goes, in terms of selection. We might pull bottom shelf wines only. Theres nothing strange about these wines, they are just on the bottom shelves and people might not want to bend over, we might pit Rieslings against each other, Germany vs. Washington State we might do a price influenced blind taste test, seeing if people can really tell the difference between a $10 merlot vs. a $40 merlot.

The bottom line is that the fun element that Meza employs at all of its tasting will never change.

Come learn about some great tasting, amazing value wines in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

All wines will be $2 a pour OR all 6 for $10!

And don't worry The Friday night tastings will be happening in addition to this 2 great opportunities to try new, exciting wines and hang with friends!!

New at Meza! NY Wines. We took the opportunity 2 weekends ago to head to the Finger Lakes region of NY for a getaway/wine buying trip. We did some winery hopping and tasting and found out a little bit about what that region has to offer. Dr. Frank Konstantin winery was actually nominated this year by Wine Enthusiast as one of the top new American wineries.

Heron Hill, our second stop, boosts one of the most beautiful views from their tasting room as it faces out over Keuka Lake. We are hoping to soon be carrying some selections from the Dr. Frank and Heron Hill wineries since so many of our customers have been asking for NY state wines.

Be on the lookout for these on our shelves!

Fall/Holiday Private Wine Tastings

So many of you ask whether or not we do private tastings or tastings for small groups. The answer is YES!! We offer a casual, relaxed atmosphere where you and your friends can get together for whatever occasion: book club, birthdays, girls night out, bunko night, or simply a gathering of friends or couples who love wine!We offer affordable wine tasting without a space rental fee - we can also provide cheese/fruit trays or you can bring in food from your favorite restaurant or cake for a celebration!

We encourage those of you who are considering Meza as a venue for your fall and holiday get togethers and parties to contact us by the end of September. We are booking up quickly! We can offer you a comfortable and casual venue where you can host friends, family and co workers or clients - let us do the planning! We can help you chose a theme for your wine tasting selection that is both fun and budget friendly! E mail us at vinomeza@gmail.com to secure your spot on our calendar!

Dates to Note. Meza will be closed on Friday October 16th and Saturday October 17th. I have the privilege of participating in the wedding of two of our wonderful friends, and we will be celebrating with them! Please call us or e mail us prior to those dates if you have any special orders that need to be filled and we will gladly get them in for you earlier in the week!

Tatjana and Jason Brown

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