Saturday, December 27, 2008

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Walk

Planning on adding walking to your fitness program?

You could strap on the pedometer and go for those 10,000 steps "mallercizing" (walking at an indoor mall) or consider a fresh-air alternative and Walk Uptown Westerville!

According to Google Maps the one-way walking distance from Home Street, south to Walnut Street, is .4 miles, so start up one side of State Street and head, round-trip, back up the other for an .8 of a mile walk -- that's roughly 1600 steps! And, since walking activity has a cumulative physical effect, feel free to add a few more steps browsing stores, getting to know uptown merchants, checking out the shops and businesses on Main and College, running uptown errands, or taking on the steps to Gallery 202 or to the second floor at the Westerville Public Library.

And, when you are ready to cool down, there are plenty of Uptown Westerville establishments to stop in to rehydrate and nourish.

Want to take your walks up a notch? Start Uptown and head west, to walk around Otterbein College campus (.2 of a mile from State Street) or head a few steps east on College (toward Fusion Fitness & Wellness) or Park (just .2 of a mile from State Street) and you'll find the city's hike/bike trail!

The mental and physical benefits of a simple walk each day are immeasurable, and we all know the benefits of shopping, browsing, and walking with friends!! So, keep "uptownercizing" in mind as a regular part of your fitness day!

There's plenty of free on-street and lot parking in Uptown Westerville, so it's easy to park and walk.

To check out the Westerville Uptown Merchants Member Directory, click here.

Note: You know the drill -- before starting any physical activity program seek professional guidance first and do what you need to do to properly prepare for your walking program.

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