Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uptown Westerville is a Place to Help Others

An important message from Kurt Lehmkuhl of Westerville Bike Shop:

Dear Friends,

This year's tragic accident on the TOSRV (Tour of the Scioto River Valley), where another cyclist was struck and killed by a car, serves as a reminder that at any time one of us may be involved in an accident where we may need to go to the hospital and may even need a blood transfusion.

I have received several after being involved in an accident and it is something that is easy to take for granted... you just assume that hospitals have blood available.

Now however, is a tough time for the Red Cross with demand for blood increasing during the summer months.

Please help out and sign up to give blood at the Garrett Wonders Memorial race coming up on May 31st in Uptown Westerville.

We need a few more names and phone numbers to make it happen so if you or anyone else you know can do it, please call me with any questions at 614.361.9047.

Thanks for your help.

Take Care,

Kurt Lehmkuhl
Westerville Bike Shop

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